GBS-Sabre Innovative Solutions, LLC

A Small Business 8(a) Joint Venture


Operations Support

Support multiple functional and technical aspects of the overhaul process relating to depot maintenance operations and material management.



  • Aviation Depot Support – Bill of Materials (BOM); Disassembly / Assembly Parts Management (Facilitate Other Maintenance [FOM]); Local Manufacturing Processes; Material Management; Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO); Production Support; and F-22 Supplier Quality Assurance Reporting (SQAR)
  • Respirator Operational Performance – Inspection, Maintenance, Repair, and Distribution
  • Warehouse Support – Receiving, Storage, Retrieval, and Delivery

Operations Support

Solutions at Work

Collect, store, disassemble, repair, inspect, clean, sanitize, and deliver full- and half-face respirators.  Support periodic ‘fit-test’ exercises and ensure all respirators perform to original OEM standards.
Developed V-22 Data Management and Analysis Tool (V22DMAT) that allows for the analysis and report generation of planned and actual V-22 fleet readiness data.  Analysis of real-time fleet data compiled from this tool has resulted in several innovative breakthroughs in forecasting major V-22 system and component wear, which allows the maintainers to recognize potential upcoming failures on aircraft before they impact aircraft availability and perform preventive maintenance and keep the aircraft in ‘up’ status.
Performed positive inventory control and End-Item management for the F-16, T-38, and C-130 Weapons System through the FOM stand up program at Ogden, ALC.  This start up program ensured all parts and components were properly accounted for and returned to the original weapon system, saving time and money by reducing lost and scavenged parts.



James Norris
Vice President BD
Sabre Systems, Inc.

Alan Kaplan
GBS Solutions Corporation

Cromwell F. Rabi
CEO and Chairman
GBS Solutions Corporation


GBS-Sabre Innovative Solutions LLC
450 S. Simmons Way, Suite 640
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