GBS-Sabre Innovative Solutions, LLC

A Small Business 8(a) Joint Venture


Program Management

Develop innovative, cost-effective, customer-focused solutions to meet our clients’ customer relationship management, program / project support, and visual communication needs.



  • Customer Relationship Management – Data Analysis, Customer Engagement, and Stakeholder and External Partner Support
  • Program and Project Support – Business Process Improvement, Project Lifecycle Management, Project Planning and Execution, Strategic and Performance Planning, Requirements Analysis and Definition, Technical Data Management, Configuration and Data Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Earned Value Management, Acquisition Services, and Risk Management
  • Visual Communication Support – Data Visualization, Design and Layout, Document Formatting, Infographic Development, and Section 508 Compliance

Program Management 

Solutions at Work

Managed and supported the Census Office of Strategic Alliance’s partners and stakeholders throughout the entire 2020 Census communications campaign, successfully establishing more than 1,000 national partners to motivate participation.
Successfully manage simultaneous, large-scale contracts up to $170 million, leveraging an internally developed Collaborative Partner Portal with customizable templates, workflows, and schedule trackers for real-time visibility into project status and expedited approval processes.
Extensive experience supporting unique staffing requirements, including surge efforts across a wide portfolio of technology areas and managing H1B visa holders with the specialized skillsets needed to support our customers.
Providing program acquisition support to multiple PEOs / PMAs across NAVAIR, including PMA-207, PMA-231, PMA-234, PMA-261, PMA-266, PMA-271, and PMA-290.



James Norris
Vice President BD
Sabre Systems, Inc.

Alan Kaplan
GBS Solutions Corporation

Cromwell F. Rabi
CEO and Chairman
GBS Solutions Corporation


GBS-Sabre Innovative Solutions LLC
450 S. Simmons Way, Suite 640
Kaysville, UT 84037